“The Wire” Guide For The 2020 Climate Warrior

2020 is a critical year for the fight on climate change. To act effectively on this messy problem we’ll have to do some things differently as right now we’re losing this war. But what exactly? I decided to watch “The Wire”, hoping this excellent TV show will provide me with inspiration and some ideas on how to win this fight.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

1. Articulate what victory actually means

Refugees — season 4, episode 4 (image: Drumclem)

2. Become an agent of normalization & activation

Misgivings — season 4, episode 10 (image: Drumclem)

3. Disrupt the COP thinking

Time After Time — season 3, episode 1 (image: Drumclem)

4. Make climate change a litmus test for leadership

Reformation — season 3, episode 10 (image: Drumclem)

5. Bring on creative work

That’s Got His Own — season 4, episode 12 (image: Drumclem)

Assistant Prof. at Parsons School of Design. Working on new book: Rethinking Corporate Sustainability in the Era of Climate Crisis — A Strategic Design Approach

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