The myth of the regenerative business model

This is the time of regenerative business models, at least according to the interest a growing number of companies show in advancing regenerative visions and initiatives. But what does it mean in practice? Are companies truly adopting regenerative mindset and practices or is it just a myth they help promote?

Credit: Nestlé

#1: Business-as-usual growth mindset does not change

Credit: Brave New Films

#2: Continuing with substantial degenerative activities


#3: Tweaking the system instead of changing it (or: choosing H2- instead of H2+)

Source of the original Three Horizons graph: ITC
Credit: Nestlé
Credit: Nestlé



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Raz Godelnik

Assistant Prof. at Parsons School of Design. My book (2021): Rethinking Corporate Sustainability in the Era of Climate Crisis — A Strategic Design Approach